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  Ongoing Projects  
Women and land right programme:
In this project supported by SwissAid India, the focus is on capacity building followed by an action programme. SOPPECOM in collaboration with Women’s Studies Centre, ILS Law College would be providing training and support to organisations working in Marathwada, working on issues of land rights of women from suicide affected households.
Conflict and Cooperation in the Management of Climate change:
This is an integrated project in collaboration with Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research. Forum is playing a key role in advocacy and outreach through capacity building workshops in the North-east India to create awareness about effect of climate change due to development of small hydropower projects in Eastern Himalayas and thereby influence policy and action.
Transformations to Groundwater Sustainability (T2GS)
T2GS is part of ‘Transformations to Sustainability’ (T2S) research programme developed by the NORFACE and Belmont Forum. (https://t2sresearch.org/) T2GS project focuses on studying how people organise around groundwater in places where pressures on the resource are particularly acute. Focusing on groundwater practices – of knowing, accessing and sharing – this research combines qualitative ethnographic methods with hydrogeological and engineering insights to explore the knowledges, technologies and institutions that characterize these initiatives. The study is being done in 7 locations: Morocco, Algeria, Tanzania, Chile, Peru, USA, and India.
Climate change from rural women’s perspective
With a focus on understanding climate change and its impact from rural women, especially women from vulnerable groups, this project include a consultation in Vidarbha region and field level study in Marathwada and Konkan.
Alternative discourse around inter-state conflicts in the Mahanadi basin
Soppecom under its larger network Forum for policy Dialogue on Water Conflicts in India has taken up one year project to develop an alternative approach in terms of framework and processes around the ongoing interstate conflict of the Mahanadi basin. The framework is by the normative concerns of equity, sustainability and participation and keeping water security of all and integrity of the riverine ecosystem as the overarching goal. The one year study is supported by Global Greengrants Fund.
Engaging with the Kerala floods
The state of Kerala experienced floods in 2018 and Kerala Resource Centre of the Water Conflict Forum is doing a one year study on mapping the floods in the Chalakudy basin, understanding the reasons and effects of these floods through interactions with the flood affected persons. The learnings from this study will be used to prepare an integrated river rejuvenation and river basin management plan for the basin. The study is supported by Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies.
Arow Jalyukt Shivar Abhiyan
SOPPECOM did a rapid assessment of the water and soil conservation work implemented in villages under the Maharashtra Government flagship program Jalyukt Shivar Abhiyan to make Maharashtra state drought free by 2019. The study report is being finalized.
  Note: Apart from the assignments and consultancies mentioned above, some of the core team members of SOPPECOM have also taken up individual consultancy assignment with different agencies.

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