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India’s Water Futures: Emergent Ideas and Pathways
Edited by: K.J. Joy and S. Janakarajan Routledge Publications, 2018
Available at, https://www.amazon.in/Indias-Water-Futures-Emergent-Pathways/dp/0367197146

Ecologies of hope and transformation: Post-development alternatives from India
Edited by: Neera Singh, Seema Kulkarni, Neema Pathak Broome
Published by: Kalpavriksh and SOPPECOM, 2018

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Ecologies of hope
Water Conflicts in Northeast India- South Asia Edition
Edited by K.J. Joy, Partha J. Das, Gorky Chakraborty, Chandan Mahanta, Suhas Paranjape, Shruti Vispute
Routledge Publication 2018,
Available at office address

Alternative Futures: India Unshackled,
Edited by Ahish Kothari and K J Joy,
2017, Authors upfront

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Water Conflicts in India: A Million Revolts in the Making
Year of Publication: 2008
Authors: K. J. Joy, Biksham Gujja, Suhas Paranjape, Vinod Goud and Shruti Vispute
Publisher: London, New York, New Delhi: Routledge
Price: Rs. 995/-

Community-based Natural Resource Management: Issues and Cases in South Asia
Year of publication: 2007
Authors: Ajit Menon, Praveen Singh, Esha Shah, Sharachachandra Lele, Suhas Paranjape and K J Joy
Publisher: New Delhi: SAGE

Panlot Kshetra Vikasachya Navya Disha : Sadhan Saksharata, Shashvad Vikas, Samanyayi Vatap (in Marathi)
Year of Publication: 2000
Authors: Suhas Paranjape and K. J. Joy
Publisher: Maharastra council of agricultural education and research (MCAER), Pune
Price: Rs. 250/-

Watershed Based Development: A Source Book
Year of Publication: 1998
Authors: Suhas Paranjape, K. J. Joy et. al.
Publisher: Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samithi, New Delhi
Price: Rs. 150/-

Details: This source book has been written as an aid to those voluntary organisations and mass activists who are committed to a process of development which simultaneously ensures sustainability as well as equity.

Banking on Biomass - A New Strategy for Sustainable Prosperity Based on Renewable Energy and Dispersed Industrialisation
Year of Publication: 1997
Authors: K. R. Datye assisted by Suhas Paranjape and
K. J. Joy
Publisher: Centre for Environment Education, Nehru Foundation for Development, Ahmedabad
Price: Rs. 245/-

Sustainable Technology Making the Sardar Sarovar Project Viable
Year of Publication: 1995
Authors: Suhas Paranjape and K. J. Joy
Publisher: Centre for Environment Education, Nehru Foundation for Development, Ahmedabad
Price: Rs. 175/-

Farmers' Participation in Irrigation Management - A Case Study of Maharashtra
Year of Publication: 1994
Authors: R. K. Patil and S. N. Lele
Publisher: Horizon India Books, New Delhi
Price: Rs. 360/-

Details: This pioneering action research study exhaustively documents the first ever experiment in independent India of organizing farmers in a major irrigation system for collective water distribution. It provides a detailed account of the formation and functioning of Water User's Associations, showing how farmers were motivated, how their skills were built, the difficulties they faced, and how they conducted negotiations with the Government...

Bharat ki Chhap (A Companion Book to the Film Series)
Year of publication: 1992
Authors: Chayanika Shah, Suhas Paranjpe and
Swatija Manorama
Publisher: Mumbai: Comet project


Farmer Managed Irrigation Systems: Indian Experiences
Year of Publication: 1987
Authors: K. R. Datye and R. K. Patil
Publisher: Centre for Applied Systems Analysis in Development, Bombay
Price: Rs. 200/-

Details: Studies in this book would help in understanding the problems in farmer participation in a variety of socio-economic and physical settings. the conclusions should help to devise a strategy for establishing user groups that would ensure success and replication at an accelerated pace......

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